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Current Program 478 Week Commencing February 28th 2014

Duncan Roads  Part 1 – The Editor of Nexus Magazine Discusses The Greens, The 2014 Nexus Conference and more

Website:  www.nexusmagazine.com


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Right Click here and “save link as” to download the MP3     PROGRAM 478

One Response to “PROGRAM 478”

  1. on 05 Mar 2014 at 1:51 am Chris Ryan

    Yeah Duncan fired up.

    I took the liberty of forwarding the link to the local Greens candidate as he had asked me to join and I had declined.

    I also sent it to several disillusioned Greens members and ex-members.

    This is what I wrote…


    I am a regular listener of Barry Eaton’s Radio Out There…

    The Editor of Nexus Magazine, Duncan, is well respected in environmental and alternative thinking circles.
    The first session is his rant about the Greens on Barry Eaton’s radio…


    Maybe they should change their name to a different colour?


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