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Following Barry’s appearance on the US netwok radio show ” Coast to Coast”  on August 15 there has been huge interest in his book Afterlife. This interview is available in the archives of Coast to Coast for those who would like to hear it. 

****   The interview on Coast to Coast is also available on youtube at….


**  The November/December issue of New Dawn has a feature story about the afterlife written by Barry Eaton.

       There is also a book review in the same issue.

For more information about “Afterlife” ….Please visit the website at www.barryeaton.com, which also lists media appearances in the US and beyond.

If you wish to contact Barry for an interview, a live appearance or a reading please email him at RadioOutThere@gmail.com

Based on his own amazing experiences of life between lives and his numerous communications with those who have passed over, Barry Eaton answers many questions about the spirit world you’ve been longing to ask.

* What happens when we die and what does it feel like?

*Where do we go?  Is there really a heaven and a hell?

* How can we communicate with those in the afterlife?

* Are we reunited with departed family and friends after we die?

* Do people in the afterlife watch over us?

* Can we still enjoy activities like sport, movies and even sex?

* How do people who die in accidents and other sudden deaths fare?

* Where is the afterlife located?

* What about reincarnation – does everybody have more than one life?

These questions and a lot more are addressed in “Afterlife”


*** Afterlife is now published in the US by Tarcher, an imprint of Penguin Books, available in bookstores nationally and also through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and other online distributors.


This insightful book is available from bookstores in Australia, New Zealand and on Amazon.  Published by Allen & Unwin -  Inspired Living

For more details please go to www.barryeaton.com


In Australia you can purchase a copy direct from the publishers please go to…   


The book is also published in Hungary and Slovakia – and soon to be released in the Czech Republic


“No Goodbyes – Insights From The Heaven World”  Barry Eaton’s continuing investigation into life in the Spirit World is now released by Allen & Unwin in Australia and New Zealand in March 2014

Please visit the website www.barryeatonnogoodbyes.com for more information


  1. on 09 Mar 2014 at 1:25 am Judi Griffith

    I had just lost my 23 year old granddaughter to cancer and though i have read other books on the same subject and believed in Life after Life I was a little bit doubtful. I saw the book Afterlife and Barry’s latest one No Goodbyes and purchased them both and found them very reassuring and they put me back on the right track….Thank you Barry as now I know in more depth where my young granddaughter is and feel much better about our loss………….

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