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A very powerful message about the August 17 Solar Eclipse

On August 21, all of North America will experience a rare eclipse of the Sun.

Ancient and modern shamans alike recognize this event as much more than an astrological happening that people will gather to witnessŠ

 According to don Oscar Miro-Quesada, a Peruvian Curandero (healer) and world-renowned shamanism teacher, wherever you may be in the world, the solar eclipse marks a time in which polarities dissolve, opening us to a portal of profound connection with all of life.

 As shamanic wisdom shares, the solar eclipse is a time for healing wounds and relationships – and for re-aligning yourself with love, wisdom and goodness.

 During the 7 to 9 days before and after the solar eclipse, you can set positive intentions and clear out what no longer serves your heart and our world.

 In the 10 minute video below, Don Oscar illuminates the shamanic significance of the solar eclipseŠ and he guides you in a beautiful Alignment Practice, timed for this powerful, celestial event.

 SEE:      http://blog.theshiftnetwork.com/blog/peruvian-shamanic-wisdom-solar-eclipse-plus-powerful-alignment-practice?utm

 OR:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=1BLZonBMWA0


Here are some highlights from this insightful video:

        *  (:29) – The shamanic meaning of the solar eclipse

        *  (:51) –  The mythic and geographic path of the solar eclipse

        *  (1:55) – Wisdom teaching on this “moment of shamanic suspended animation”

        *  (2:30) – Invite harmonizing energy into your heart and mind

        *  (3:43) – How to sustain the sacred medicine…YOU are a “Shining One”

        *  (4:26) – Aligning your being with the unity of sun and moon, body and soul,

(6:30) – don Oscar’s invocation of light and love


May the time around this eclipse be rich for you!

With Love,
Ben Hart
“The Shift Network”  <stephen@theshiftnetwork.com>

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