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WHAT IS THE SHIFT?Vidya Frazier, Guest – Waking Times – 21 February 2014

For thousands of years, humanity has inched its way toward greater
spiritual maturity. Most human beings have been caught in the dense
karmic energies of the earth plane, lifetime after lifetime, and have
made very slow progress.

Only a few lone individuals from time to time have reached what?s been
called ?enlightenment? or liberation from suffering.

Although some of these individuals have stepped forward, bringing
significant spiritual teachings to the planet, these teachings have
inevitably been watered down into what have become religions?a process
which has in many ways distorted and diluted the teachings.

A growing number of individuals in recent years have begun a conscious
process of awakening. This has been significant in beginning to shift
the consciousness of the planet; yet, still these numbers have been
relatively small, considering the billions of people now alive on the

A Great Shift toward Spiritual Awakening

However, a huge change is now underway, according to many visionaries,
teachers and indigenous elders.
Theyre saying that for the first time ever on the earth, something
monumental is shifting in the human experience as a whole: a shift of
consciousness toward greater spiritual awakening.

Indeed, some are saying a new species of human being is emerging, and
a new earth is being born.
This can be hard to believe if we simply focus on what?s happening on
the mainstream news: the same tired, negative scenarios that have
always plagued the human race continue to play out over and over
again. And yet, there is something else happening, as well, if you
look closely.

The Outer Shift

Read alternative and international news sources and you can see
clearly, for example, that unprecedented disclosure of corruption,
greed and exploitation is occurring within a wide range of
institutions in society.
In the last year, literally hundreds of top officials in financial
institutions and governments the world over have been resigning,
mysteriously disappearing, getting fired, being fined or taken to court.

Meanwhile, the internet is empowering and uniting people across the
globe like never before in history. Millions are experiencing a sense
of oneness?and the power of this unification.

There?s a new kind of joy and sense of jubilant freedom that people
around the world are beginning to express.

At the same time, communities everywhere are creating positive changes
in their local areas, over-turning old corrupt systems that no longer
work. Women across the world are asserting their rights like never
before in history. And science is discovering cheap, clean energy, as
well as ways to feed everyone in the world and create drinking water
from the ocean.

The In-Between Times?

Its clear that old societal structures and paradigms based on greed,
competition and patriarchal ideals are at long last collapsing’,while
new structures and paradigms based on justice, love and equality are
arising in their place.

But what we?re experiencing at this point is what has been called the
In-Between Times times of chaos, confusion and rapid, intense
changes?while one age dies and another is born.

These tumultuous times will likely continue for a while, as the new
positive energies interact with the old energies on their way out. But
eventually a new earth will inevitably emerge out of the chaos. What
an exciting time to be alive!

The Inner Shift

The same intense shifts happening in the world are also showing up in
many of our personal lives. At times, we?re being shaken to our core,
as we experience old negative patterns arising with a vengeance,
finally demanding resolution.

Loss assails us on many levels: in our relationships, our home life,
our work. Old identities are disintegrating, and once-comfortable
situations are becoming unbearable. Were stepping into unknown
territory where nothing is predictable or certain.

Is disorienting and at times downright scary. And yet, along with
all this confusion and loss, many of us are also experiencing profound
spiritual awakenings like never before. Deep joy arises within us at
the strangest times. Synchronicity abounds in our lives. An exquisite
and all-embracing love is blossoming in our hearts for all of life.

At times, profound peace steals over us for no apparent reason. We
feel the presence of a magnificent divine Self arising within us,
gently nudging the ego aside. We know we?re witnessing something new
and ever so precious being born within us.

Dimensional Shift

There are some people who experience the shift as something so
monumental that it feels like a dimensional shift’,one the earth and
all its inhabitants are making from the Third Dimension into the Fifth

Theres no Stopping It

Whatever we may call it or whatever paradigm we may hold it in, if we
tune in, it”s indisputable that something big is happening. Something
new, something that has never before in history happened. Some people
are feeling it now; others will eventually feel it.

But theres no stopping it. The sooner we can get on board and see it
happening in our lives and align with the new energies coming in, the
easier it”s going to be to make the shift.

About the Author

Vidya Frazier is the author of the blogs Earthcalm and Awakening Into
a New Earth Consciousness, where this article was originally published.

This article is archived on the Web at
http://www.wakingtimes.com/2014/02/21/shift/ and contains several
embedded links to other Waking Times articles, such as…

Synchronicity: The Key of Destiny

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Synchromysticism is a portmanteau of the words “synchronicity” and
“mysticism.”  A Synchronicity is a coincidence with meaning which is
usually far less likely to occur naturally than typical coincidences.
An observance of synchronicity is often coupled with a recent moment
of personal enlightenment or great insight. A shift in consciousness
of perceived reality will usually determine ones ability to see an
increased number of synchronicities.

The synchromystic world-view is that every-Thing in the universe is
connected. All symbols have multiple layers of information, histories,
and interpretations. Given enough time and information, eventually all
symbols, themes and ideas will be found to contain information about
all the others so that each piece of the puzzle becomes holographic in
nature; meaning that by focusing on one idea, all others can
potentially be expressed. If one is familiar with the Eastern
philosophic idea that ?all is One,? then synchromysticism allows a
person to prove it for themselves through active involvement with
synchronicity not only in the media saturated world around them, but
also in their personal lives. Synchromysticism can be used to decode
meaning in situations where that meaning may not have been implied or
even originally intended. It has also been used by some in an attempt
to foresee future events.

Imagine a multidimensional spider?s web in the early morning covered
with dew drops. And every dew drop contains the reflection of all the
other dew drops. And, in each reflected dew drop, the reflections of
all the other dew drops in that reflection. And so ad infinitum.

Alan Watts



As this is a 7 Universal Year  ( 2014 added = 7)  I thought this is worth revisiting, especially if you have a lot of 7s in your numerology.


On July 7…The Power of Numerology

Andy Murray accomplished what no male British
tennis player has been able to for many decades.

He won Wimbledon.

What makes his accomplishment so exciting is the
numbers code he activated in his favor.

Specifically, the number 7 was triggered repeatedly
across the board, even during the actual tennis match.

It is no surprise then to learn that:

1. Andy Murray began a 16/7 Personal Year in May.

2. Murray’s win ended a 77 year drought for Great Britain.

3. He broke Novak Djokovic’s serve in the 7th game of
each set.

4.Andy Murray was born 7 days before Djokovic.

5. Djokovic’s birthday adds up to a 34/7 Life Purpose

6. The championship match was played out on July 7,
the 7th day of the 7th month.

7. Britain’s last singles champion was Virginia Wade, who
won in 1977.

Andy Murray’s 16/7 Personal Year was a key ingredient
on Sunday. 16 cycles are exciting and life-changing.
Sudden opportunities and unforeseen experiences are the
name of the game! 16/7 always brings an awakening.

The Scotsman certainly rose to the occasion on that
magical day and made the most out of his code.





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