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Here is an interesting story from the Coast To Coast AM website:
“Hollywood legend Kurt Russell recently revealed a remarkable, real life role on his resume: witness to the infamous Phoenix Lights! While appearing on a British television program to promote the new Guardians of the Galaxy film, the actor was reminded of the incident by host Gyles Brandreth. The presenter read a newspaper report about an unidentified pilot who reporting seeing six unexplained lights while flying his private aircraft at the time that the Phoenix Lights event was taking place. 
To the astonishment of his co-star and the audience, Russell responded, “the tail number for that plane was two-tango-sierra and I was the pilot.” The actor went on to recall that he had been flying towards Phoenix with his son onboard when he spotted “six lights over the airport in absolute uniform in a V-shape.” Bewildered by what he was seeing, Russell subsequently contacted air traffic control, who reported that they were not seeing anything out of the ordinary in his vicinity. According to Russell, he and his son simply went on with their lives after the incident and had no idea that they had been witnesses to a historic UFO event. 
The actor only realized his connection to the Phoenix Lights two years later when he happened to see a TV special about the incident. Incredibly, the program detailed the story of a private pilot who reported seeing the lights, leading Russell to exclaim, “that was me!” A later check of his flight log books confirmed that, indeed, Russell was the pilot of that oft-cited aircraft. In a perceptive observation that should sound familiar to longtime UFO researchers, Russell mused that the truly “weird part” of the experience was that he and his son simply ‘forgot’ the sighting, That strange aspect surrounding his memory of the event is a frequent phenomenon reported by other UFO witnesses as well. Fortunately, he eventually remembered the experience and, twenty years later, helped solve one small mystery about the Phoenix Lights case by revealing that he was the civilian pilot who saw the UFOs…”

The link to the story and the video clip featuring the actor Kurt Russell is: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/article/kurt-russell-shares-incredible-phoenix-lights-experience/.

“It was the strangest thing I have ever seen” — Montrose UFO sighting

An Angus woman has spoken of the moment she saw a “strange circular shape” fly over Montrose beach.

Carole Coull was at home with her husband when both noticed a peculiar object in the sky.

Confused, Carole went outside to investigate where she was met by “the strangest thing” she has ever seen.

The apparent UFO sighting occurred at around 10am on Friday morning.

A self-confessed sceptic, Carole is aware there may well be an alternative explanation for the sighting, but remains baffled by what she saw.

She revealed: “It definitely wasn’t a plane, a helicopter or a hot-air balloon, so what else could it have been?

“Two of us saw it.

“If it was just me then my husband would probably have said I was off my head, but he saw it too.

“It was all over in a minute, but it flew right towards the beach. Someone else must have seen it.”

Carole attempted to capture the object on camera, but claims her camera appeared to malfunction.

She explained: “I got my camera out and tried to take a picture but every time I clicked it kept beeping and flashing – it never usually does that.

“There probably is an explanation for it, but it was the strangest thing I have ever seen.

“As soon as I saw it I said it looks like a flying saucer — like something out of the movies.

“There was a lady here years ago who swore she saw a UFO, but we never believed it.

“I don’t know what else this could have been though.”

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