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Uranus in Aries 
Continuing Impact on The World Economy?

As we move through 2014 Uranus has well and truly consolidated its position in the fiery sign of Aries. In January this year it was once again at 8 degrees of Aries, the same point which triggered the economic collapse in October 1929 which was the start of the “Great Depression”. After nearly a decade of prosperity, the United States was thrown into despair on Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929, with the collapse of the stock market. The month leading up to this point was economically very precarious. Many other countries around the world followed suit, although some had already succumbed the previous year.

Uranus, which is often referred to by astrologers as “The Great Awakener” takes around 83 to 84 years to do a circuit of the heavens, so the last three years marks the first time since that fateful day in 1929 it has returned to the same degree in Aries. And it’s not over yest.

To compound this event,  in March/April and then in November/December this year we will again see the alignment of Uranus and Pluto in a square or 90 degree angle that many astrologers believe may be another trigger for explosive events worldwide. With Pluto in the sign of Capricorn ( see separate details on this website ) and Uranus in Aries the potentially vulnerable areas will involve large institutions ( governments, banks, finance companies and the like ) World markets are still very vulnerable as stocks rise and fall dramatically on almost a daily basis, and the situation in Syria gets worse every day. However Pluto and Uranus are in a dance movement together for the next couple of years, so as they say, watch this space.

Many people in Australia have decided of their own free will in these uncertain times to clear as much debt as possible. They are paying off credit cards, curtailing unnecessary spending or borrowing, and taking extra care around investments and, most importantly are saving and not save as much as possible. Even if nothing serious occurs at least your finances will be healthy that way.

However it is always a good idea to remember the old axiom, “the stars incline, they do not command”.   In other words it is up to us how we work with these potentially ‘upsetting’ times.  I was also told many years ago as a broadcaster that the ‘big players’ make fortunes whichever way the market is going and the only thing they hate is no movement at all.    BE

Uranus and Arians

In his newer unfettered guise, Uranus’s main foe is Pluto-symbol of the gradually accumulated-and-consolidated power that grants certain slices of ‘the ruling class’ a habitual dominance over all else.

Needless to say, Uranus, who’ll be increasingly emboldened in his rebellious attitude, doesn’t easily submit to inherited injustices. As an innovator-spokesperson for the Aries cause, he’d sooner abandon the whole edifice and build a new one rather than struggling to scale walls somebody else (of questionable fiber?) built atop a rotten foundation. As such I hear more and more stories of people with major planets in Aries, particularly the Sun, going through many explosive personal dramas.

In so many areas, personal and collective, it seems there is little time to waste. The sign of Aries courses with this sense of urgency a directness that operates at its best when it can immediately act toward its desired result. Though sometimes crude in its efforts, the flip-side benefit to this approach is a simplicity that instinctively reduces overly convoluted situations to the basics: yes or no, stop or go, black or white, with us or against us. 

We cannot genuinely decipher Uranus-in-Aries’s lessons for us over the coming years without always already considering its position in square to Pluto in Capricorn. Indeed, this entire epoch ( through to 2017 will make the most sense if interpreted as ‘the Uranus-Pluto Square era’, as that is precisely how instrumental this single aspect will prove to understanding our moment in history.

And what does this ‘era’ mean, exactly? Across different zones of activity, we will witness parallel archetypal manifestations of revolutionary resistance to entrenched conglomerations of power, authority and wealth. We’re already catching glimpses of this on the stage of global politics. Let’s not, however, overlook the relevance of this spirit of insurgency in our personal lives. If indeed the personal is political, then the manner in which we choose to conduct our everyday activities-how willingly we settle for dis-empowering roles we’ve been ‘assigned’ by those with the titles and the money, or how defiantly we create alternatives for ourselves that provide greater freedom and individuality-becomes the very battleground for determining what kind of world we’ll live in.

Uranus in Aries is the rebel spark in our arsenal, ready at any minute to enliven us with the bravery to reject polite submission. When its energy fills us, we are unafraid to snap ‘f-ck you!’ to undeserving dictators. Uranus is the split-second epiphany in awareness, spontaneously informing us we will no longer ‘take it anymore’, whatever the ‘it’ that has us fed up and fuming. We want Uranus as an inspirational ally, spurring our drive to leap headfirst into a future that, while largely unknown as far as the details are concerned, will at least put us in a more hands-on driver’s-seat position to direct our fate. He gets us doing something, which seems better than doing nothing, regardless of what the ‘something’ is.

But Uranus is neither well-behaved nor predictable. And especially in Aries, his thrust to liberate (‘all at costs!’) can easily go too far. It’s one thing, for instance, to chop down a tree that’s directly in the path of the road you’re building; it’s altogether another to clear cut the entire forest in one exhilarating high of ‘get out of my damn way!’ Once invigorated with Uranian trouble-making, we may suddenly find we’ve expelled an opinion or taken an action from which there is no going back. We might shake the wrong support-beam and find the entire tent collapsing on our heads.

It only takes one excessive jolt or a single stray gunshot to instantly turn ‘constructive chaos’ into ‘destructive anarchy so we must try to bear in mind a constant awareness of where exactly that faint, indistinct line dividing the two resides in any situation.

Yet, when push does come to shove, the Aries energy as unleashed by Uranus assumes prioritising self-liberation over everything else. If it’s between my personal satisfaction and yours, then you’re out of luck. While this needn’t be an invitation for each of us to become an unyielding **** as we seek to suit ourselves, it does make a pretty clear statement in favor of independence-and against sitting quietly with our hands folded neatly in our laps, as other people abscond with all the goodies while telling us to look the other way and get back to our mindless obedience.

We obviously need this dose of crude self-assertive rebelliousness (Uranus in Aries), if we hope to overthrow the smug oppressors who profit long-term from our perpetual acquiescence (Pluto in Capricorn). This goes for the shaming, self-repudiating voices inside our heads that must be conquered, as well as the individuals or circumstances that flourish through our squelching the fire of individuality and of course bespeaks of the macro-level reorientation of economic and governmental power, which is still barely getting underway. That said, it won’t necessarily be neat, comfortable or pretty.

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